Server Hosting: VPS's Start at $79/month

Choose from three baseline configurations, or configure your own. Every VPS optionally includes a fully licensed Windows Server 2012r2 or 2016 installation free of charge, plus storage and connectivity options useful for most cloud scenarios.

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Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Access your Personal Desktop from anywhere, any time. Our services provide standard, encrypted access for day-to-day usage and support direct server access for small business scenarios (Quicken/QuickBooks). You can even access the system using your favorite mobile device, including iPhone, iPad, and Android-based devices.

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Custom Development for your next HPC/VPS project

Require specialized software R&D expertise? Visit our partner sites:

Ingeniose Corporation

We specialize in HPC and hybrid solutions. Our experience spans from server to mobile in Finance, Automotive (Connected-Car, LBS), and Aerospace industries.

Weblopedia Cloud Solutions

Our focus is on efficient, custom-configured VPS's to fulfill a specific need, at the lowest possible cost.

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